Firework camera function
Expensive equipments and difficult settings are usually necessary for taking firework photos, but with this app it is possible to easily take beautiful shots.
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Taking firework photos can be difficult, but anyone can shoot beautifully with this camera!
Point 1
Seize the right moment with automatic shooting!
Get the perfect shot, even with continuous shooting as the app automatically shoots when the firework bursts.
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Point 2
Combine photos of fireworks!
You can create amazing firework photos by combining multiple firework photos.
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Point 3
Make movies with slideshows!
Apart from combining firework photos, it is also possible to create movies with a chronological slideshow.
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AR Firework camera
No need for actual fireworks!
The AR recreates fireworks of “Omagari no Hanabi”, Daisen City’s famous national firework competition.Take photos together with fireworks that shoot up in the screen.
※The photograph is an image.
Posting to SNS
Quickly post images of fireworks on SNS! Hashtags of firework festivals where the photo was taken are automatically attached (compatible with Facebook, Twitter).
Firework videos
Apart from videos of the national firework competition, “Omagari no Hanabi”, you can enjoy the excitement of front row views with the dynamic 360 degree camera.There are also videos from the firework-shooting site of Kamioka Nangai Firework Festival, as well as aerial footage!
Delivering special firework videos from Daisen City, the town of fireworks!
The 90th National Firework Competition, “Omagari no Hanabi”
The world famous, and greatest Japanese fireworks!
Delivering views from the front-row of the firework festivals with high-resolution videos and 360 degree camera. Enjoy the feeling of actually being at the site by using VR headsets for smartphones.
Kamioka Nangai Firework Festival
Watch the fireworks of Daisen city from views never seen before!
Delivering rare footages taken right at the spot where fireworks are shot from, and 360 views of fireworks taken from the sky using drones.
Tourism Information
Introducing the attractions of Daisen City!
While Daisen City is known as the town of fireworks, that is not its only appeal. We offer information according to categories such as history, nature, gourmet, and relaxation to have visitors enjoy Daisen City. An annual schedule of firework festivals is also available, providing all the necessary information to set up plans for sightseeing!
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